Meals Delivered – We are GO!

It’s been some traumatic weeks, I’m not joking. From plumbing issues, to holes in the ceiling, to unprofessional people… I’ve seen it all. We are no 23 days into our lease, (yes – been counting days…) and finally everything is done. The kitchen passed council approval earlier this week and I’ve had to take a day or two to get my head round things, but now we are are ready to go – starting with our meal delivery service while we are arranging for the shop front/café fit out to happen.

This meal delivery service is initially offered to the locality surrounding the shops, up to about 15km radius, but we will be expanding as demand requires – all over Perth!

Meals offered cater to several different groups, including those families who want a healthy meal (but don’t want to slog over the stove doing it), and others who are following a calorie controlled eating plan as I have done for years – particularly the LCHF low-carb or Keto way of eating. But in addition to that, we have a selection of desserts on offer each week, depending on demand and seasonal availability.

Our menu is already open, and will open every Wednesday, and close every Saturday evening just before midnight. If you’ve joined our mailing list, you’ll get reminders so you don’t miss the order window. Deliveries will initially be on Mondays only, between 10am and 4pm.

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