Serving Zim Food in Perth Every Week

Soul Food Fusion Kitchen is the place where we cook and serve a variety of healthy dishes, including comfort food and diet options. And that food includes a Zimbabwean meal every week. As much as us Zimbabweans have a very diverse culinary culture, we also love our traditional food, so you can expect some of the homestyle favorites like sadza (always) with:

  • spinach ne dhovi
  • guru, matumbu or tripe
  • gizzards
  • oxtail
  • beef or chicken stew
  • fried cabbage or kale
  • boerwors, steak

Initially I suggest that you pre-order to avoid disappointment, as its impossible to guage what the demand will be and if I cook too much then I’ll be eating sadza for days. And I know you know thats not a problem (as such), but might be better to not have to do that.

Wanna pre-order: Book your Zim food here.

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